US TOUR 1972-1973

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Full page advertise from the Billboard Magazine issue September 23, 1972.

Size approx. 10″ x 13,5″ inches.


Handbills were made for upcoming concerts and were used as handouts.

US TOUR 1972

US tour 1 finally started in September 1972. The first concert was in Cleveland,OH. This was the first US tour which produced exclusive concert posters and handbills. Some are stlill legandary after so many years. On this page you wil find a collection of these items.


[ 1972 56 H. b&w] web

Handbill b&w from the first Bowie concert in Memphis,TN.

Poster from the firts Bowie concert in Memphis,TN.


[ 1972 56 H. blue] web

Handbill blue from the first Bowie concert in Memphis,TN.

Size approx. 5,5″ x 8″ inches.

Tickets for this Detroit show were sold out within four days.

This concert was presented by Gemini who was part of Russ Gibb productions and promoter Joey Nederlander from the Nederlander Theatre Promotions. This promoter was keen to immediately book Bowie again for a concert in 1973.

After this concert Bowie talked with Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop recounted stories about his youth in and around the city. This inspired Bowie te write `Panic In Detroit`.

There was a handbill created for this concert.



This handbill is till this day one of the most populair and colletable concert item from David Bowie. These special designed handbills made this tour also legandary. They represent a part of history of an unique rock culture.

Size approx. 5,5″ x 11′ inches.